Cancel culture canceled child pornography

As a Catholic, I am forced to participate in “Virtus” updates in order to be active in any ministry at our church. This month’s bulletin, however, is a missive on how we shouldn’t use the phrase “child pornography” any longer, but now their renamed phrase, “Child Sexual Abuse Materials,” but only by the acronym CSAM.

I am a practicing, faithful Catholic, and in every circle I run in and with everyone I know, pornography is a BAD word and denotes something exploitative and evil. The word “child pornography” furthermore gives a further connotation of further abuse and coercion.

To coin a new term that no one knows anything about and attempt to upend a phrase that all know well refers to evil only is backtracking on any progress to stop the exploitation of children by perverted adults.

I probably would be willing to accept the new phrase “Child Sexual Abuse Materials” if it was actually used, but the bulletin rather uses an acronym CSAM for it… 17 times!! The acronym means NOTHING, and that’s precisely the point: That child porn becomes just some acronym no one recognizes, and the children continue to be exploited.

I am sorry, I still cannot answer the “quiz” given in good conscience:

1) Why is the correct terminology for referring to what used to be called “child pornography” now “Child Sexual Abuse Materials” (CSAM)?

A)There isn’t really a reason, it’s just the most up to date terminology.
B)Using the word “child” connected with the word “pornography” can minimize the horrific videos or photos of children and youth being sexually abused.
C)The terminology of CSAM better highlights the fact that it is considered actual child sexual abuse.
D)All of the above.
E)B and C only.

I disagree with the cancel culture’s attempt to rename child pornography. Let’s call it what it is, not use some acronym that causes people to forget that children are exploited. I think this “bulletin” needs to be removed. It’s NOT serving our children!

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